The Anatomy of a Commission
There is nothing better than combining the artwork you’ve dreamt of having in your home and my unique style in creating it for you. The results usually surpass everyone’s expectations!
Have you fallen in love with a particular piece but need a different size?  Do you have a subject close to your heart and would like it created in my signature style?  Perhaps you just need a different color palette to make a piece perfect for your home?  For all those reasons and more, a commission is right for you!
It happens in just a few easy steps:

We will work by email or have a phone call about your needs and how I can help. If you don’t know exactly what you’d like, that’s why you are partnering with me, and as a professional artist I will have many ideas on how to help make your space what you’ve always dreamt it would be.


Once we have an outline, beautiful sketches will be created and forwarded for your approval. Most people enjoy seeing the beginning of project unfold.


When you approve the perfect design a 50% installment is made and the studio work begins. You will be given an estimate on when the project will be complete.


You will receive in progress photos of the artwork and then the very best part: an image of the final piece will be sent for approval.


You complete payment either by check or credit card over the phone and your gorgeous new piece of artwork is framed, packaged and shipped with insurance to your doorstep.

It is a process clients seem to really enjoy. Having the ability to be a part of creating the perfect vision for your home is one of the most satisfying components of my work. In the end, you will have exactly the image you want, in the size you need, in line with your budget. Give me a call today or send an email and we’ll get started!

Let’s get started.

Give me a call today or send an email and we’ll get started!

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